‘Optical Trickery’ set design by Camille Walala in collaboration with photographer Jess Bonham. pinned by Liberhada ♥

High Contrast editorial for Fashion Magazine, Canada. Photographed by Chris Nicholls.

Chris Nicholls Turns Up the Contrast for Fashion Magazine's May Issue

Source: tngeriine

Pattern I chose this picture because it has a repetition of the pillars with shadows to create leading lines. It makes me feel like I'm walking through this pathway and I'm about to turn. I really like the use of shadows to create another pattern within a

Stripe Inlay Coffee Table | west elm

Stripe Inlay Coffee Table-Crafted in India with hand inlaid bone tile, this ornate table makes a gorgeous focal point in the room from

Joris Laarman Lab 3D printed diagonal chair

Article: Joris Laarman Lab explores metal and open-source chair designs in New York exhibition