Metamorphosis, 2012. Photography by Sayaka Muruyama. S)

Conceptual fashion / conceptual fashion photography / avantgarde fashion / sculptural fashion / black an white / headpiece / headwear / hat / unique hats--> Photography by Sayaka Maruyama

'Kijkkast met baluster' by Peter Gabrielse 1937

1937 - 'Kijkkast met baluster' by Peter Gabrielse - Box sculptures


Calm wild beach, clear water and warm sand - what more do you need for an ultimate relaxation? The whisper of the waves will be there to assure you that yo

The Caledonian Mining Expedition Company: 12 Henrietta Street

12 Henrietta Street No. 12 Henrietta Stree is among the earliest extant terraced houses in Dublin and dates from .


For Beauty’s nothing but the beginning of Terror we’re still just able to bear, and why we adore it so is because it serenely disdains to destroy us. — Rainer Maria Rilke, excerpt of The First Elegy (tr. Leishman and Stephen Spender)