Vioski Isola Lounge

IN THE NEXT HOUSE--- Awesome double chaise easy to make! Reupholster a full size bed with a nice thick fabric and then take two twin size head boards and attach to each side.

The unusual combination of a low-slung sofa and a high-on-the-wall landscape painting in the budding film director James Oakley’s West Village townhouse. Read more: Dark Knight

F R E N C H F O R P I N E A P P L E: 'It' Sheepskin Stool DIY

7 Home Hacks That Will Make Your Friends Jealous Sheepskin RugsIn this ingenious DIY, designer Bianca Hall upholsters midcentury side tables with sheepskin, producing what she calls “It Stools”a nod to the Addams Family’s hair-covered cousin.

Osvaldo Tenório (Foto: Filippo Bamberghi)

A muralha de pedra do arquiteto

Sally Breer - Interior Designer and Co-Owner of ETCETERA with her team and her Fiance Dan MedinaInterior Designer and Co-Owner

Charles Zana - Architect

Fifteen architects, interior architects and designers work with Charles Zana on projects ranging from private houses and apartments to company head offices, shops and renovations.

Kelly Wearstler Apollo Stool

Apollo stool

Kelly Wearstler's Apollo stool is an artful stack of black or white marble circles that epitomizes the Brutalist esthetic.


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