Ale stenar, Skåne, Sweden

Ale stenar, Skåne, Sweden A megalithic monument that is made up of 59 boulders making what looks like the outline of a ship.

Lund, Skåne, Sweden

"Stora Fiskaregatan," by Rutger Blom. Pastel beauties on a cobblestone street in Lund, Sweden

Hyllie Water Tower, Malmö, Sweden by Kim Høltermand

I love the eerie feeling of Kim Høltermand's architecture photographs. She makes everything look like long time abandoned structures from alien planets. This is the Hyllie Water Tower, in Malmö, Sweden. [Høltermand via Behance]

Autumn in Skåne

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The bridge Sweden Malmo - Denmark, Copenhagen. A lovely beautiful evening.