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A Swedish girl wearing traditional attire in Dalarna, Sweden. I think this would be a cute kids costume to wear, esp if you happen to be of Dutch heritage.

Flower girl hair style

If only it were socially acceptable to wear a crown of flowers everyday ;): Sometimes i randomly wear a flower crown :/

♥ Fyra årstider - mitt liv på landet: Midsommar i Dalarna

Sweden - Swedish Summer Lifestyle - Fyra årstider - mitt liv på landet: Midsommar i Dalarna


Love the idea of borrowing from Scandinavia's midsummer celebrations for our summer Christmas.


Strawberry cake omg i miss it so much best cake everrrr especially during summer! And the flowers on the table just look so typically swedish haha i love it

midsommar is fast approaching!!! can'y wait to make my flower crown!!!!

A boho braid is the perfect hairstyle for every season. It can be worn in summer at the beach or at a night out. It’s also a beautiful hairstyle for these cold days or with your smashing holiday outfit.


Taste of Midsommar