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#quote #swedish #clever "det som ser ut som håglöshet och dålig hållning, kan i själva verket vara en stark inre glädje över ett par nya, moderiktiga skor." - Jan Stenmark

jan stenmark --- This is in Swedish and translates roughly to . "What looks like apathy and bad posture might in fact be strongly felt inner happiness over a pair of new and fashionable shoes"

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Jan Stenmark. [När planschen hängt i köket hade hon inte sagt ett knyst -och nu var man plötsligt "sjuk i huvet".]

When it used to hang in the kitchen - she sad nothing. Now you are suddenly sick in the head.

Jan Stenmark. [Kom in, kom in... Jag ser inte vad du säger.]

"Come in, come in.

Galleri Stefan Larsson -

I thought I was alone, but afterwards I was told that the scrotum had appeared.

Jan Stenmark!

Jan Stenmark!