Here's a Handy Little Guide to the World's Mythical Creatures

Here's a Handy Little Guide to the World's Mythical Creatures


Just be you. Always remember people loose weight, change clothes and appearances, makeup etc. It all washes off in the end. Just be you

Always be yourself never change yourself for someone else the right one will come and love you for you

"Remember who you are. You are my son. You are the lion king. Remember who you are" - Mufasa Lion King. This picture is so beautiful and is from the single most inspirational part of that movie! Seriously, watch this scene & try to not be moved!

Lilo and Stich

Disney Lilo and Stitch favourite movie Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten

Its sad to me how someone thinks I'm a "hater". Please get over yourself. I've dealt with more shit on here than you could ever possibly handle. You and your banners. I've been over you for almost a year. I just don't respect you or care for you anymore. Get your facts straight. YOU'RE the hater and the one who needs help. I've moved and your bully ass crowd are the haters. Hope that's straight now...'re very bitter.✌

I think losing respect for someone is a much stronger emotion than hate. With hate, you can always overcome, but losing respect for someone, it's always in the back of your mind.

Så är det.

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svenska quotes