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We love the sporty watch with the suit, tie and eye catching pocket square. The watch lets your sports loving side shine through the classy ensemble. Very nice.

Everything you need to know about men's shoes!

What Type of Shoe is That? Soletopia's Comprehensive Guide to Men's Dress Shoe Terminology

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The Right Way To Pack A Dress Shirt Read more:

The Right Way To Pack A Dress Shirt

Suit Yourself: Your First Big Boy Suit

Suit Yourself: Your First Big Boy Suit (INFOGRAPHIC)

Dress Shoe Guide

Types of Dress Shoes and some Handy Tips to Buy and Care. Choosing the right type of shoes can be tricky at times, just go with one to match your dress,occasion and of course your style.

Guide to Men's Shoes

Funny pictures about Men's Shoe Guide. Oh, and cool pics about Men's Shoe Guide. Also, Men's Shoe Guide photos.

Patterns ref. guide.

The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide to Suit Tailoring. To really amp the style literacy, verse yourself in Harris Tweed, “the greatest cloth of all.” - This should be in every man's closet

A great guide for those who are never quite sure what shoes go with which color suit.

bldgstonehenge: “ Solving the shoe color/suit color question once and for all Stumbled on this great visual from Esquire on which color suits match which color shoes. Brown shoes go with way more.

Suit guide

The Suit Versatility Matrix: What Goes With What For Every Occasion [Infographic]

If you're not sure what suits go well with what dress shoes, and what type of event the resulting ensemble is appropriate for -- can I only wear black to funerals? Should I ever wear black to a.