Lake McDonald, Montana

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA wow those bright colored stones at front of picture set background off so lovely .

"The Subway" in Zion National Park, Utah--- Need to see!

The Subway, Zion Nat'l Park is a Photo Op in Springdale. Plan your road trip to The Subway, Zion Nat'l Park in UT with Roadtrippers.

train  tracks, in Ukraine.

This beautiful train track is naturally covered by green trees and makes a tunnel. Located in Kleven, Ukraine, this train tunnel is named as. “Tunnel of Love” by local people. These incredible photos were taken by Oleg Gordienko.

italian seaside.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy-Ive seen so many pictures and thing the color of the buildings is so very beautiful!

Awa’awapuhi Trail Kauai, Hawaii

Awa’awapuhi Trail Kauai, Hawaii Kauai is my favorite of the four Hawaiian Islands I have visited.


National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - In Focus - The Atlantic - literally, all you need is nature and water.


Matterhorn ~ by Verena Popp-Hackner, Wild Wonders of Europe ~ "This Month in Photo of the Day: Nature and Weather Photos" ~ "Radiant at sunrise, the Matterhorn towers over Riffel Lake near Zermatt, Switzerland.

stockholm public library. i want to live in this library.

Rotunde reading room City Library of Stockholm - from 'Most Interesting Libraries of the World'

anywhere i can see the northern lights.

From September to April, the Northern Lights become more visible here. These dancing lights are one of the greatest natural wonders in the world. From the clear, dark northern skies of Iceland, nothing will impede your view of nature’s greatest dance.

Namib Nauklaft National Park, Nairobi

The Namib-Naukluft Desert Park supports an amazing eco-system considering the harsh conditions where surface temperatures can be as much as 70 degrees