Pilea peperomioides, known as Chinese money plant, lefse plant, or missionary plant, is a species of flowering plants in the family Urticaceae, native to Yunnan Province in southern China. På svenska: Elefantöra

Different type of vases for your interior. Spice up your interior with flowers and plants in these amazing and cool vases for your home.


permanent display area in a consignment or resale shop. and the perfect, always-ready backdrop for photography!

Mini vase // photo: storiesbyme.se

I can picture little bud vases all over with clippings from the wildflowers that will eventually take over the lawn: storiesbyme.

Nu ligger hyacinterna i startgroparna. Knopparna är gömda bland bladen och du kan bestämma hur och precis åt vilket håll den ska växa. Här är tips på hur du kan göra det bästa av lökarna i jul.

BRIONYMARSH//HOME We love flower bulbs. For spring flowering bulbs, now is the time to plant them! How gorgeous do they look planted in glass jars?


5 inredningsbyten som gör hemmet redo för hösten

Studio Koti by SATO (styling: Susanna Vento) – Husligheter

Gott nytt år! Nu flyttar jag – visst hänger ni med?

Today you inspired me

But it's the shapes of the vases and the flowers that's interesting, not the bloom/color

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