This Overlooked Space in Your Home Deserves Attention

Hallways—those oft neglected strips of space that connect one room to another—may perform an important function, but, especially if you live in a small dwelling, you may resent them for the space they take up on your floor plan


How to Design Functional Entryways

Living in New England means I always need a place for people to hang their coats when they come over. I like having something simple my friends can put their coats on when they walk through the door.

I love the idea of something like this instead of a coat rack. However, won't be using it to stack my crap on the wall.


Hemnet home: Nordenskiöldsgatan 7 B - Hem

Budget Interior – Ein WG-Zimmer im Berliner Altbau (AnneLiWest

Budget Interior – Ein WG-Zimmer im Berliner Altbau (AnneLiWest

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Genius diy ikea hack - add leather handles to ikea besta … Beautiful Idea for greg's office