Easter eggs

Cute Easter craft, take it a step further and instead of pre-cutting the tissue paper, have the kids rip it into pieces to work on fine motor skills. great for a kids party craft

Easter Bunny Favor Bag

How to make Easter Bunny Favor Bags. Any age kids could help make these and you may already have all the supplies in your crafts box. Quick and easy craft!

Easter Egg Coupons - Get the kids excited with an Easter egg hunt without so much candy!!

Easter Egg coupons for the kids. They’ll get some treats of course, but cut down on the candy and give them some coupons that would last beyond Easter. There are 16 different Easter egg coupon printables.

Cute Easter craft

Easter Craft Ideas For Kids. This page is chock full of easy and fun craft ideas and they all have one thing in common.they are all crafts for Easter.

Really cute idea, I never thought of this

How to make Disney Eggs (or any temporary tattoo Easter Egg) for Easter! This craft is SO EASY!

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