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Carlo Maratta - Ritratto del Conte Spencer

Robert Spencer, Earl of Sunderland painted in classical dress in Rome by Carlo Maratti (Grand Tour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Saint Andrew. 1631. Andrea Sacchi. Italian. 1599-1661. oil on canvas.

We are doing fullcolour master studies every day/weekend on our journey to get betterat art. Here is today's imagefor the day – Andrea Sacchi – Saint Andrew 2207322

Giovanni Baglione-San Pietro col gallo ,Sabauda Gallery Torino, Italy

Giovanni Baglione-San Pietro col gallo ,Sabauda Gallery Torino, Italy

Daedelus and Icarus by Andrea Sacchi 1599 – 1661 Italian painter

thisblueboy: Andrea Sacchi (Rome, 1599 - Daedalus and Icarus, Musei di Strada Nuova, Genoa

ΘΑΛΕΙΑ..Thalia the Muse - Giovanni Baglione

File:Thalia, Muse of Comedy by Giovanni Baglione.

Giovanni Baglione (1566-1643) - The Divine Eros Defeats the Earthly Eros

Giovanni Baglione, The Divine Eros Defeats the Earthly Eros detail

Heavenly Love and Earthly Love, Giovanni Baglione,1602-03. Detail.

Sacred and Profane Love (detail)/ Giovanni Baglione

Terpsichore (Muse de la Danse)/ 195 × 150 cm Giovanni Baglione -1620

Terpsichore, Muse of Dance Giovanni Baglione (Italian, Oil on canvas. Terpsichore was one of the nine Mousai (Muses), the goddesses of music, song and.

istCaravaggioYearc. 1593Typeoil on canvasDimensions67 cm × 53 cm (26 in × 21 in)LocationGalleria Borghese, Rome  The Young Sick Bacchus (Italian: Bacchino Malato), also known as the Sick Bacchus or the Self-Portrait as Bacchus, is an early self-portrait by the Baroque artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, dated between 1593 and 1594. It now hangs in the Galleria Borghese in Rome. According to Caravaggio's first biographer, Giovanni Baglione, it was acabinet piece painted by the artist…

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