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Hugo Spångberg

Hugo Spångberg
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Cinema 4D – Creating Realistic Clouds using TurbulenceFD Tutorial

Tutorial: Creating Realistic Clouds using TurbulenceFD in Cinema In this tutorial, Sam Welker will show you how to create realistic clouds using TurbulenceFD and Think Particle Cloud Generator in Cinema

Cinema 4D and After Effects – Adding Motion Blur to 3D Renders Tutorial

Adding Post-Production Motion Blur (After Effects & Cinema - Sean Frangella

Cinema 4D and After Effects - Smoke vs. Fire with TurbulenceFD Tutorial

In this tutorial, Ben Watts covers creating a smoke vs. fire particle collision simulation using TurbulenceFD that includes a dynamic lighting setup.

Cinema 4D - Snow Mountain Title Tutorial

In this tutorial, VinhSon Nguyen will show you how to create an awesome looking snow mountain title using Cinema and After Effects.

Cinema 4D – Creating Dissolving/Peeling Effect using X-Particles Tutorial

Working with X-Particles Fragmentor in Cinema tutorial on how to use the x-particles fragmentor object for peeling effects in Cinema X-Particles Fragmentor object for Peeling Ef

Cinema 4D - Creating a Tornado using X-Particles Tutorial

In this tutorial, Mike Batchelor will show you how to create a simple tornado system in Cinema using the X-Particles plugin.

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