Learn how to create this elegant napkin fold for your next dinner party with this step-by-step #tutorial

Triple Pocket Napkin Fold Tutorial

Learn how to create this chic napkin fold for your next dinner party with the triple pocket napkin fold tutorial. *Hint: Use an iron and starch for a more pressed look. Other Thanksgiving-themed napkin folding tutorials: Party on, Smarties!

Architectural Salvage Jingle Christmas Sign

Architectural Salvage Jingle Christmas Sign Eryn’s contribution was this sign made from an old fence board… …some wood letters sprayed with metallic paint… …and a trio of silver bells. I think it would be great on a front door in lieu of a wreath.


Crafts for a Beautiful Christmas Table

A Special Occasion Napkin Fold -- I'll do this for my next dinner party in a few weeks!

Impress Your Dinner Guests With This Easy and Elegant Napkin Fold

Cookie cutter napkin holders @Beth Klosinski... any chance you could use this idea for your table?

Cookie cutter napkin holders ~ this picture isn't very colorful, but the idea is pretty neat. Use the cutters for napkin rings. and then let your guests keep the cutter as a favor?

Turn scrap fabrics and buttons into napkin rings!

Upgrade Dinnertime: 7 DIY Napkin Ring Ideas

Button craft project ideas for kids and adults. Art and craft ideas using buttons. Find crafts to do with vintage buttons. Make creative bracelets using buttons.


47 Unexpected Things To Do With Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters Setting the table for a summer party? Your collection of cookie cutters can double as distinctive napkin rings. Each person gets a different shape, with his or her napkin rolled up and slipped through the middle.

Tissue Paper Flower Napkin Rings

Simple tutorial for how to make tissue paper flowers

These tissue paper flowers turn out surprisingly realistic! For decorations, or a centerpiece, or you can make colourful napkin rings with a pop of color!


Christmas colored chocolate strawberries ~Now, if only I could get a good price on strawberries this time of year!