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Hugo Heyman

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Hugo Heyman
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The pouring of a libation. Interior of an Attic red-figure cup, signed by the painter Macron; ca 480 BCE. Found at Vulci; now in the Louvre.

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

Another pinner said: Beautiful Silk Kaftan. Simple cut with two wedges at sides. Designed for Upper class person, made from wool finished with silk. - Kram Jaromiry i Dalebory (website in Polish with English translation below)


Great stormy weather at Svolvaer Lofoten Arctic circle. The workshop is now in its final week and Ewen Bell and myself have taken the group out in all weather to capture the essence of this amazing coastline and landscape

Rune stone in misty field

theagoddesswitch: “Ancient Rune stone of the ancestors. Viking burials often had many rune stones like this one in the shape of a ship with the body in the center of the stones. They usually buried.