så fruktansvärt sant.

I think this would be pretty cool to have also definitely fits

This girl is brave.and she's right...It's not a crime of sex-it's a crime of violence and it's about POWER!

Rapists are the cause of rape. What a woman wears, says, drinks or does is not a factor. The common factor in all cases of rape is the presence of a rapist. Feminism Stop Rape

Du är snart där - Håkan hellström

Julia - alltid mitt i prick - Du är snart där

No womanizers allowed!

Woman "Not Your Bitch" sign feminist art photo women's liberation woman's lib resistance divorce gift funny vintage photography

Håkan Hellström för tio år sen

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A zipline date, c. (wait are zipline dates a thing?

a place for robots: februari 2012

onna Gottschalk, with a "I am your worst fear" poster, at Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day parade in New York 1970 photo by Diana Davies.


HowToSpotAPinUpGirl- to inspire pin up fashion daily!<< Here's a question: How could someone NOT spot a Pin-Up Girl?