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Histoires drôles de jouets

Real life Mario doesn't seem as hard

Aled Lewis

Histoires drôles de jouets

Love the jurassic park reference :)

Aled Lewis

Histoires drôles de jouets

Toy Stories by Aled Lewis

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Cute and Paste - aledlewis: Unwelcome Surprise

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TOY CONFIDENTIAL - Aled Lewis Toy Confidential: The Secret Life of Snarky Toys is a collection of 100 Toy Stories published by How Books. Original images of plastic toys interacting in unusual ways.

... dude. (aled lewis)

dinos and dodos

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Just love random things

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Recent work by Aled Lewis.Aled LewisAled LewisAled LewisAled LewisWhat If The Dinosaurs Deserved It?

Aled Lewis

"I fear that the murderer may be among us" Aled Lewis, Toy Stories Series

by Aled Lewis

baters they gonna bate

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"Well, you looked hotter on your RSVP photo, too. And your sword definitely looked bigger. Just sayin.

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If I were a twelve-year-old girl, I'd nearly pee my pants at the sight of this. Now, I'll just giggle with delight.

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Secret Life of Snarky Toys: Aled Lewis' Playful Tableaus

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I feel like one of my missions in life is to put artist tags on everything that crosses my way, especially with really awesome diaramas like Aled Lewis’s Toy Stories.

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London based designer Aled Lewis uses witty speech bubbles together with toys posed in hilarious situations to tell cute stories.