Great idea for a winter wreath. Load up one side with greens, leave the other side a bit more sparse when using a grapevine wreath as the base Also wrap some heavier twine around the undecorated part for texture.

Noël 2015 / Idées que j'aime #1 / (ATELIER RUE VERTE le blog)

This 5 Minute Hack Will Make Your Porch Look Amazing!

"No Porch... No Problem" ~ Create the "Porch Feeling" with a patio in the front yard, perfect for meeting and greeting!

En drömgod, krämig, helt fantastisk pepparkaksglass som blir julens höjdpunkt! Tar ca 5 min att göra (exklusive frysning).

Pepparkaksglass :P Tar ca 5 min att göra (exklusive frysning).

How to Make Royal Icing for Gingerbread Houses {Video}

red and white gingerbread house ~ Marian Poirier ~ Marian Poirier. Riley decorated his house like this one this year.

my scandinavian home: Beautiful, simple Danish Christmas DIY inspiration

It's Friday (woohoo!) and a big day in our household as we'll be heading off shortly to watch my youngest daughter in her 'Luciatåg' (St Lucy day or 'festival of light' celebrations) at nursery - so l