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How to A Lego Car With a 9v Battery Motor

Start with 2 fifteen hole beams parallel to each other. Place the 3 large thin plates on the beams and the two small thin plates in the back. Place 2 one hole beams on front plate.

rubber-band-car-10.jpg 400 × 600 pixlar

A rubber band powered Lego car - fun! The post shows two different ways to build one. Dont know where to go in 3 days very limited funds. Fun project for a Lego party, or to do with friends.

Build a rubber-band powered paddle boat in this awesome science experiment. Learn about energy conversion.

Water activity is always a hit at my house. This paddle boat is easy to built and fun to play.


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Diagram shows how batteries work.

Inside Look at How Batteries Work By Karl Tate, Infographics Artist