Cottage garden plants

Transform your outdoor space with these beautiful cottage garden plants. Create a charming and inviting garden that will delight your senses and provide a peaceful retreat.
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With height, bloom time and color in mind, you can create an enchanting cottage garden with ease. Your hard work will be repaid with a low maintenance masterpiece you can enjoy year after year. Plus your vegetable garden will thank you for all the added pollination it receives from the bees and butterflies that flock to your flowers.

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Cottage gardens are well known for their wide and generous borders full of attractive, flowering plants. Such broad flower beds require tall plants at the back to provide a backdrop for smaller plants. Here I list 10 tall plants for cottage garden borders

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How To Design A Moon Garden - A moon garden is simply a garden that is meant to be enjoyed by the light of the moon, or at nighttime. Moon garden designs include white or lightly colored blooms that open at night, plants that release sweet fragrances at night, and/or plant foliage that adds a unique texture, color or shape by the reflection of moonlight.

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