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Negative Core Beliefs List (+8 Tips On How To Challenge Them) Mental Health Therapy, Mental And Emotional Health, Healing Journaling, Buch Design, Core Beliefs, Therapy Tools, Cbt Therapy, Writing Therapy, Therapy Worksheets

Negative Core Beliefs PDF:· I am a disappointment. · I am a failure. · I am a loser. · I am a mess. · I am a mistake. · I am awkward. · I am bad. · I am defective. · I am disposable. · I am fat. · I am flawed. · I am hopeless. · I am incapable. · I am inferior. · I am stupid. · I am ugly. · I am unattractive. · I am uninteresting. · I am unlovable. · I am unwanted. · I am unworthy. · I am useless. · I don’t deserve anything. · No one can be trusted. · There’s not enough to go around. ·…

Betty Miles
What Are Core Beliefs? {Free Download} - Christian Counseling Coping Skills Activities, Art Therapy Activities, Therapy Worksheets, Counseling Worksheets, Counseling Activities, Therapy Counseling, Cbt Therapy, Group Therapy, Therapy Tools

1. What are core beliefs? 2. Where do core beliefs come from? 3. Is it difficult to change core beliefs? 4. How to change core beliefs. What are core beliefs? Core beliefs are the way we see ourselves, God and the world/people. At first, this may seem fairly insignificant, but our core beliefs actually inform…

Julie Wojnar