Heroic fantasy

Embark on thrilling adventures in epic heroic fantasy worlds. Discover captivating stories, formidable heroes, and mythical creatures in these enchanting realms.
Shimnedai - concept for Zasheir - adventurers' clothing for a wizard. I like the scrolls tied to his hip. Gandalf, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Artwork, Sorcery, The Magicians, Fantasy Rpg, Mythical Creatures, Dungeons And Dragons, Medieval Fantasy

Ancient Spell : Damage enemy team (Unofficial) Skill calculated as: 100% * (current HP) = Damage Wise Sages : Passive - Increase Skill Proc of team members by 12%. Burst Damage : Remove 40% of enemy team's current HP. Warrior Poets : Passive - Increase Skill Proc of team members by 10%. Premeditation : Chance to revive team with 100% HP upon death. Travelers : Passive - Raise team's ATK by 30%, Raise team's HP by 40%. Lay of the Land : Increase Max HP by 60%. Note : See Evolution Methods for…

André Medaglia