Japanese History

Delve into the fascinating world of Japanese history and uncover the secrets of ancient traditions, iconic landmarks, and influential figures that shaped this remarkable country.
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We are in the midst of War Lords of Japan: A Simulation of Shogun History of Feudal Japan .  During this simulation, students join one of f... Samurai, China, Feudal System, Ancient China, Japanese Culture, Japanese, Medieval Japan, Medieval History, Japan Art

We are in the midst of War Lords of Japan: A Simulation of Shogun History of Feudal Japan. During this simulation, students join one of five Samurai clans. The clans are competing with the ultimate goal of taking of Japan and becoming Shogun, the ultimate military ruler of Japan. In conjunction with our ELA Asia/Pacific Rim Literature Unit, students are studying the socio-political landscape of Feudal Japan. Before we began the simulation, we talked about the structure of Japanese Feudalism…

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Japanese culture is unique in that the country has many things that other countries do not. One example of those is the geisha, female entertainers with meticulous training and sophisticated appearance. Many foreigners mistook them for traditional prostitutes, which is significantly inaccurate. Hence, to avoid misunderstanding, let’s talk about them and everything about them: Check […]


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