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Ignite your child's creativity with these fun and engaging kids art class ideas. Discover a wide range of activities that will inspire your little ones to explore their artistic talents.
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This collagraph printmaking project had all the makings of a the perfect art experience! Big heavy blocks, movement, color theory, texture, & pattern! Not to mention the end result was totally frame-worthy! In fact, one student’s grandpa came flying in a few days later with one of these finished masterpieces. He was hoping we were […]

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Learn how to paint fireworks with acrylic paint and paper rolls. The perfect kids craft for the summer holidays, these fireworks paintings are absolutely gorgeous, and they're SO EASY to make! How to Paint Fireworks with Acrylic Paint Who knew that a cut up paper roll could create such beautiful fireworks?! These firework paintings are so colourful and impressive looking, yet they're incredibly simple to make! We chose seven different colours for our fireworks, but you can make it even…

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Foil Transfer Art: This is a fun, colorful project that anyone can create. Experiment with different colors, designs, and patterns. The end product looks like you've tie-dyed your paper. It makes a beautiful framed gift, homemade card, or simple wall art. This proj…

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