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Explore a collection of stunning mythology paintings that will transport you to a world of gods and heroes. Discover the power and beauty of ancient myths through these captivating artworks.
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Themis, also known as Lady Justice, was the Greco-Roman Titan-goddess of divine law, judgement and order. She was one of the daughters of Gaia and Ouranos, and became a consort of Zeus and Lucifer, both of whom she had several children; the first generation of Horae with Zeus and the second generation with Lucifer. She is often depicted carrying a scale and blindfold, showing her true neutrality during judgement, as well as carrying a bronze sword. The personification of abstract concepts is…

Нармандах Баяр
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I was reading Greek mythology to Measle yesterday and it occurred to me that every one of the myths we read had its root in the Bible. Of course, they're all twisted in a humanocentric way with a low view of God, or gods in their case, and a high view of man. The myths contain a seed of truth, but are warped to make man feel justified in his sins. And with gods so man-like and man so god-like, there isn't a recognition of sin or a need for a Savior. Here are a few examples taken from Usborne…