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Discover fun and interactive reading response activities that will help students deepen their understanding and improve their reading skills. Explore top ideas to make reading a rewarding and enjoyable experience for learners.
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Okay teacher friend. It’s finally here. And I’m so excited! I’ve had this resource collecting dust on my computer for years now. I’ve been using this strategy in my classroom for the last few years, but haven’t had the energy or time (teacher life + mom life is exhausting, am I right?) to put it all together so that it’s ready to go for busy teachers like you! Well, it’s finally finished and I finally get to unveil it to you! Did you know I have a FREE downloadable reading response menu…

Krista Rae
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In upper grade classrooms, students spend a great deal of time responding to the texts they read. Over the years I have found that no matter what grade level I teach, students have a difficult time writing thorough and meaningful reading responses. At the start of every year my students need quite a bit of guidance when writing their responses. One of the best ways that I have found to teach students to write meaningful responses is by providing them with sentence frames. I like to encourage…

Jae Manning
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Expectation: teacher spends 20 blissfully uninterrupted minutes with each reading group while the other students complete their independent reading tasks to fidelity. Reality: teacher spends 18 of the 20 minutes monitoring the activities of students not in the reading group. Result: students don't get quality independent reading time in during the school day, and their comprehension skills suffer. Sound familiar? Trust me, I've been there before. However, things changed once I introduced…

Debra Waldorf