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Discover creative and engaging ideas to create a Reggio inspired classroom that fosters exploration, imagination, and hands-on learning. Get inspired and transform your classroom into a dynamic and enriching environment.
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In our classroom we have a discovery area where children are invited to explore materials that focus specifically on the senses. We enjoy including resources that support exploration of light and colour (e.g., light table, sensory jars). Many loose parts are also in this area (e.g., stones, shells). The materials are stored on a small wooden shelf so they are easily accessible for children. The shelf floats in the middle of the room as an anchor for the space. The back was covered in blue…

Alex Gales
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In my play based classroom there are 10 essential learning areas. I cannot do without them. The provocations and resources offered in these areas change throughout the year dependent on children's interests and the curriculum intent. The placement of these 10 areas within the classroom is thoughtf

Heather Martin
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Amber Cotney
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I love loose parts. and I love lists. It was only a matter of time before I combined everything into a loose parts list! I've been collecting for years and now have a lot of the basics stashed away for play and learning. That being said I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a new treasure to add to my loose parts lists. In case you are like me, I have compiled a loose parts list for all the best finds...and the list will continue to grow as I find more!

Andrea Dykman
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