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COACHES, EXPERTS, AND TEAM STAFFERS SHARE HOW RIDERS PREPARE FOR ONE OF THE MOST PHYSICALLY GRUELING EVENTS IN THE WORLD. Cyclist Photography, Sport Photography, Road Bike Cycling, Cycling Art, Track Cycling, Outdoor Cycling, Fixie Bike, Bike Ride, Ski Racing

The Tour de France is the crown jewel of the WorldTour calendar. Over the course of three weeks, all eyes are on professional cycling’s best riders as they push their bodies to the limit for more than 2,000 miles. It’s a race that demands respect, inspires awe, and requires an unbelievable amount of prep work—by teams and the individual riders.

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Being saddle sore is not something to just accept. It is not a given. A lot of women labour under the misapprehension that cycling is inherently painful but it needn’t be this way – a saddle mapping session can put an end to that particular pain in the backside. Being saddle sore is markedly different

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Most may know this hidden gem for its night markets, hot springs resorts, and Chinese temples, but Taiwan’s true secret is out and it has the island shooting up the ranks of popularity. Boasting lush forests and steep mountains, Taiwan is a haven for cyclists. Their extensive bike network extends over 5,000 kilometers with trails […]

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