Smoothie detox

Kickstart your health journey with these delicious smoothie detox recipes. Detoxify your body and feel refreshed with these nutrient-packed drinks. Try them today!
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This is hands down the best, healthiest, safest, most satisfying diet I’ve ever found to help you blast through fat and reach your goal weight. The plan is simple. For 21 days, you swap out two of…

Scott Stewart
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There are many fruits and veggies that you can add to a smoothie to get your colon up and running — fast. If you're really backed up, it's likely that a day or two of adding a colon detox smoothie to your diet may even help you drop a few pounds. Visit the link to take a look at some of the best items to add to a smoothie when your digestive system is backed up. You'll also get to check out five colon cleanse smoothie recipes. colon cleanse drink recipe | best colon cleanse smoothies

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** See updated recipe here. We all know stars love their juice diets, and who can blame them? They have amazing health benefits, and they also help them stay in great shape. With New Year’s resolution goals in full swing and many of us setting goals to be more healthy, I thought it would be a perfect time to share one of my favorite slimming and detoxing smoothie recipes. This recipe is Victoria Secret model Alexandra Ambrosia’s favorite juice recipe. If this gorgeous mother of two is…

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