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Squirrel Monkey

Learn about squirrel monkeys, their behavior, habitat, and see adorable pictures of these playful and curious primates. Discover fascinating facts about squirrel monkeys and why they are one of the most beloved monkey species.
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Summer is my favorite time of year to visit the Bonnet House. The brutal South Florida heat keeps away the crowds of people and it's much easier to photograph the shy Brazilian squirrel monkeys that reside on the grounds. For more, check out this Bonnet House Museum & Gardens Pictures page. I took lots of funny monkey pictures on this trip and there were also a family of swans, and lots of green iguanas.

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Monkeys are such relatable and intelligent creatures. Their closest resemblance to humans of all the world's animals makes them pretty interesting. The world has about 200 types of monkeys; they come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors. Some monkey breeds are the size of your palm. Here we feature amazing 23 types of monkeys you should know.

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Pygmy marmoset, with an average body length of 5.5-6.3 inches, is the smallest monkey in the world, while the Mandrill, with an average length of 30-37 inches, is the largest. In between the two, there exist hundreds of species which are broadly categorized into two types - New World and Old World monkeys.

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