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Wiccan Symbols

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for Wiccan Symbols. Get inspired and try out new things.

There's Magick in the Air: Photo

Nina/female/eclectic witchI work mostly with herbs and crystals but will share anything that catches my eye. Feel free to ask me questions! (This is a side blog, i follow with nosexforthewicked)

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Wiccan Sigils & Symbols Clip Art Vector

Welcome! Here you can purchase Wicca / witchcraft symbols made for graphic & web design, card making, art, and crafts. This pack is based upon sigils originally created by Scott Cunningham in his Wicca and witchcraft books. I have had multiple requests for them, so here they are. I have left out some symbols that appear in other packs. They are available as fully manipulable vector files, in the formats AI (Illustrator) and SVG. Also included are high res (max width/height 5000px) transparent PNG files. Included: - Horned God - Moon Goddess - Deosil (Clockwise) - Widdershins (anti-clockwise) - Blessings - Travel - Purification - Protection - Summer - Autumn - Winter - Spring - Bane - Deadly - Pentagram - Cause Sleep - Peace - Magical Energy - Protection - Psychic Awareness - Money - Healing - Friendship - Love - Marriage - Witch Sign - Protect 1 Child - Protect 2 Children - Protect 3 Children - Physical & Magical Strength - Lose Weight - Magic Circle - Yoni - Release Jealousy - Maiden - Mother - Crone - Fertility - Rebirth - Spirituality ***LICENSE*** You MAY: Use this for commercial purposes, including selling prints and remixes. You may NOT: Resell the graphics as is.

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Magickal symbols of protection

Protective magick is probably the most basic of all types of spellwork. If you don't feel safe and secure, it's difficult to enjoy any of the pleasures of life. Since the beginning of time, humans have been creating protective signs and symbols to ward off evil and bad luck. Would you like to learn some protective glyphs to use in your spells and amulets? Today, we'll be taking a look at nine powerful protective symbols from the Western magickal tradition. These symbols come from diverse spiritual paths including Wiccan, Norse, Judaeo-Christian, Egyptian, and others. Just as no two words have exactly the same meaning, each magickal symbol has a slightly different energy and function. Read on to find the perfect symbol for your protective workings. Pentacle (or Pentagram) The pentacle, or five-pointed star, is probably best-known as a symbol of the Wiccan religion. This symbol has been passed down to modern Witches through the tradition of ceremonial magick. Wiccans and Pagans wear it as symbol of faith, but it is also used as a protective glyph. The pentacle's protective legacy probably began in medieval times. The five points were said to represent the five wounds of Christ. Early occultists saw the pentacle as a microcosm, or representation of the human being. The pentacle's affinity with the body makes it immensely useful to the human magician. Leonardo da Vinci's

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My Sigils and how I make them

My Sigils and how I make them My process of making sigils is with a Custom Alphabet, therefore i made my own Alphabet and then with a clear intention I drew the sigils....here's a step by step of my own process....also if you want to check out other way of making Sigils click HERE Step 1 ...Study and practice a few letters from other Alphabets. this is where I started, I have researched and wrote down at least 15 different alphabets from our Roman letters, to Latin, Phoenician, Hieroglyphs, Ancient Greek, Runic Norse, Atlantean, Freemason, Celtic Ogham, to Theban and lots of Others the ones that resonated the most with me was the most basic shaped ones like Freemason, that is mostly squares, triangles and circles...the 3 basic shapes of sacred geometry...In doing this I also found out that not all alphabet have all the letters we have, some of them uses only 1 symbol for letters that sounds the same ex: K-Q, or S-C, so I decided to simplify my alphabet this way too. Step 2 ...Removing the vowels. It is customary in Sigils to remove all the vowels, but if you feel you want to include them go a head, remember there is no right or wrong way to do sigils, there is only the way you feel like doing it. but for me, I wanted to remove them, only because when using long phrases(affirmations) you end up with too many letters and your sigil gets crowded and a bit messy in my opinion, I like them simple and easy to replicate...so therefore my Alphabet only has 18 letters Step 3 ...Writing down my Alphabet. Now that I have remove the vowels, the same sound letters and chose a few styles that I liked, I proceeded to create and play around with some of the letters and finally write down my own Alphabet... Step 4 ...Finding a good Affirmation Writing down a good affirmation is as simple as clearing your mind, setting your intention in your heart, feeling the emotion that comes with it, then saying out loud the first thing that comes to mind, then proceed to writing it down if it sounds good to your ears...now if you want to get technical about it...you need to say and write it in the present tense(as if it's happening now) ex: you might want to have more money so you would say something like "I want more money to come my way" but what you should say is "I have more money in my wallet"...always use the "I am, I have" etc. rather that "I want, I will," past or future affirmation...you should also always use the positive version of what you want or don't want, ex: when you don't want to be sad, you might want to say something like "I'm not sad, I am no longer crying" but it is said that the mind doesn't recognize the word NO or NOT or other words that means "nothing" because your mind can't create on nothing it wants to create with something like happiness and smiles, so you should say something more like..."I am Happy, I'm smiling more and more everyday, My life is filled with Happiness or Happy moments"...now, your affirmations needs to be about you, remember you can't control others or there lives, you have control only of you own life, emotions and reactions. Step 5 ...drawing your Sigil Yep! that simple, now that you have your own Alphabet or Alphabet of choice, your positive Affirmation you can start drawing...BTW you can start with simple words instead of a full sentence, words holds a lot of power even on there own...that is exactly what I did, because usually the longer the phase the more complex the sigil gets, so try and keep it short and sweet.... Now here's my own though process for my sigils...so this is one of my very first sigil LOVE...what a beautiful Word, doesn't even need anything else to make us feel something or have an emotional reaction to it...now we remove the vowel and we get LOVE = LV...that's not much to go with but its short and simple ;)...so my L and My V as you can see in the first picture on the right of my finished sigil...now You can start with the order of your choice i started with the V because I felt like it...lol...then I rotated my sheet and drew the L on the same line of the V...then I rotated the sheet again because it was speaking to me better upside down, then I added another L...why?...well because LOVE is always better in duo...then I refined the lines and made it symmetrical... now here is more on why I drew it like this...The V is like a triangle that represent, fire(passion), the arrow represent the man(male), the Y that formed between the 2 Ls, represent the woman(female)...now this doesn't mean love is only between a man and a woman, it means Love has both genders, It has both female and male qualities, both beautiful&gentle and strong&lively....the finished sigil looks a lot like a Heart and as we all know the heart is a well known symbol for love...and last but not least the sigil is a perfect mirror image that represent duality, equality and even the inside/out or As above so Below. now here's other sigils that I made that you can use in your own magick if you wish. FRieND = FRND The triangle (N&D) that represent the element of fire for action, strength and protection (like a roof over our head), the turning circle (R) the energy flow going clockwise when you start inward growing outward, The 2 scrolls and bottom plate (F) for our own individuality turning in different direction but yet the same because they mirror each other (balance each other out) and they both stand over the same plate (ground level) here on earth. BeST FRieND = BSTFRND Similarly to the Friend sigil, the triangle (N&D) that represent the element of fire for action, strength and protection (like a roof over our head) now it's divided into 3 triangles (B) to represent the 3 sacred fires of our hearts (fire of truth, fire of love and violet fire), the turning circle (R) is higher up reaching the stars this time with a circle (S) of protection around it and the 2 scrolls (F) (individuality), they still stand over the same plate (ground level), but now there is a second plates symbolizing a second dimension for a deeper connection that our earth body can't understand, only the soul can, soul sister/brother, and finally a cross (T)reaching from the sky to the underground to tie everything in troughs heaven or hell you will both walk together helping each other up along the way. CoNSisTensy = CNST The square (2N's) represents stability and the 4 elements, the circle (C) the earth because nothing is more stable and consistent that the element of earth, the yin yang (S) for balance because without balance in your life there can be no consistency and finally the cross (T) for perfect symmetry...with balance, symmetry, stability you can absolutely achieve consistency in everything you do.

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Kim Smith
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Pentacles and Pentagrams, What Do They Mean? - S A G E + C R Y S T A L

A handy short-list of the most common color correspondences (or “influences”) in magick, for use when choosing ritual candles, altar cloths, clothing, and so on...

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Top List Wicca And Pagan Symbols that Every Witch Should Know

Like other religions in the world, Witches have their fair share of important symbols. Each symbol is the place where spiritual energy and the witch will meet and become one. Discover best selling Witch clothing collection In the Witch Craft article below, we’ll be taking a look at ten of the most important Wiccan sym

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