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Explore the art of wood turning with these inspiring projects. Discover how to create stunning pieces and unleash your creativity as a wood turner.
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A captive ring tool is used by wood turners to create a captive wooden ring that is decorative and / or functional. It's a great way to add a captivating element to a project and a fun puzzle to those who don’t know how it was created. Learn how to use one here.

Timothy Wurst
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Working on wood as your canvas is a challenging project. Here you can showcase your artistic side by carving intricate designs. You'll be surprised at how many people are turning into wood lathe projects. If you have patience and artistic talent you might enjoy doing this work. It might take a while before you go

George Boxwell
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What is the best bowl gouge sharpening angle? I can’t help but smile when I think about this question? Like so many things in woodturning, there are numerous answers. Why are there so many answers? Keep reading, and I’ll help you discover YOUR personal bowl gouge sharpening angles.

Martin Martin
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Wood turners like to cut wood right out of the forest and turn them into bowls, plates and the like. But since they start with green wood, there will be a lot of shrinkage and potential cracking before they get to a finished product.Traditionally they debark the wood and then rough turn the shape to an even thickness of about 1 inch all over. Then it would be buried in moist sawdust for up to a year to allow it to dry ever so slowly. Enter the era of microwave ovens. What does a microwave…

Eldon Holmes