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These teacher hacks are brilliant ideas for your classroom that will make your life so much easier this year.  Number nine will change your life. #teacherhacks Year 4 Classroom, Classroom Hacks, Third Grade Classroom, Classroom Activities, Classroom Layout Ideas Elementary, Teacher Corner Ideas Classroom, Classroom Organisation Primary, Classroom Management, Primary Classroom Displays

These teacher hacks are brilliant ideas for your classroom that will make your life so much easier this year. Number nine will change your life. #teacherhacks

Mikey D Teach | Social Emotional Learning
This activity is from Mrs. Robinson's Classroom Blog: Meaningful First Week Activities.  I love this idea and would eventually make anchor charts to keep up all year. Beginning Of The School Year, 1st Day Of School, School Fun, High School, School Stuff, Middle School, First Day Of Class, School Info, School Time

The first week of school generally consists of getting to know one another, in addition to discussion and practice of classroom procedures and routines. We also got our creative juices flowing by creating summer reflection writing pieces, squiggle stories, and "All About Me" mini-posters. Students are getting to know one another and me, and we are learning to work together to build a successful and positive classroom environment. On Wednesday, I wrote out six questions, all having to do with…

Luci Chambers
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Over the years, I have experimented with a variety of different assessment tools and strategies for improving my students’ reading. Some worked and some didn’t. Others were extremely time consuming, some weren’t extensive enough. Eventually, after some tweaking and input from my work colleagues, I have developed a set of Guided Reading and Conferencing documents that work for me and my students. I have seen some fabulous results in the process as well – which lets face it, is the whole point…

Laura Carro
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This week was pre-planning and I really got almost nothing done. I just can't figure out what to do with my room. I don't like distraction and clutter and lots of stuff. Most of the other teachers have cute themes in their rooms but it's visual overload to me. So my room tends to look pretty plain and dare I say, boring, compared to everyone else's. So far this is what I've got... As you can see, I'm painting my walls light blue. (They're actually finished now.) I figure it's a nice calm…

Taryn Johnson
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I am thrilled to finally be sharing my classroom set-up with you after weeks and weeks of getting everything ready! This is my very first year teaching 5th grade (7th year teaching), and not only that, but I’m also at a brand-new school in a brand-new area, so everything is new for me this year! I just […]

Cyla Maine (Stafford)