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One direction

erm this amazingly cool band. love one direction so muxh >>> the 5 idiots that I've dedicated my life too>> accurate

I laughed way too hard.

Harry is like "SHUT UP,BRO! LOU IS WATCHING THIS!" All those relationships between Louis and other girls or Harry and other girls are pointless. We know Larry is real and beautiful

ha ha ha ha ha

Just happened to me today. My dad was like, "So I heard one of the one direction boys got hurt playing football." My first reaction was to just stare at him like O_O what. You know something about one direction. haha but then I was like yup I heard

my dad is like every time one direction is on the radio changes and i put in one of my cds just to anoy him! my mom is like me lol

Omg this is so me xD>> my mom is actually okay with it cuz she used to be in love with a band called Menudo so she knows how I feel but my dad whenever I shout out the lyrics he gets really mad and tells me to be quiet :/<<this is my whole family


The FIRST time ever got mobbed! Lol Liam: where's my shoes? Harry: Niall's freaked out. It's okay Niall Louis: where's Zayn? Zayn: I'm gonna die!