God Jul, by Aina Stenberg MasOlle Swedish, grew up in Stockholm, and created Sweden's Advent calendar in and did another 29 after that. She drew between 5000 and 6000 various designs for Christmas, Easter and New Year cards.

Maja Synnergren

Making a straw goat. by, Maja Synnergren. Maja Synnergren was a Swedish illustrator of mainly children's books and postcards.

Jenny Nyström

Vintage/ antique Swedish New Year card with three kittens carrying Lucky fourleaf clover in their mouths.

1. Sjuka onsdagar hemma (för alla som inte hade video). Då var det inget från Utbildningsradion på tv.

Watch the first ever SABC TV broadcast in South Africa: On 5 January Dorianne Berry and Heinrich Marnitz welcomed viewers to the “opening night” of TV in South Africa.