гифки, девушка, кот, прикол, юмор - Who knew running away from dogs was a synchronized sport.

He is risen

He is risen

Self control - level: expert Ha ha, poor dog! I don't even have that level of self control.

Poorly organized fox storage- hahaha! So sweet!

animal-factbook: “Fennec Foxes are highly social creatures with a rigid social hierarchy. When a pack of Fennec Foxes rest, they form what is often called a “Fennec Stack” with the alpha fox on the.

37 of the Funniest Animal Pictures The face of most of us catching a fry. The cat thinks this is fine. Aw, she’s a real direct cat, gets right to the point. He’s got moves. Where…where she go? Avenge me, he says! Cutest little patient ever. Soon she’ll be addicted to the nip and hitting …

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Close enough

This made me laugh so hard. So many of my cookie cutter cookies turn out "big boned".

Michelle, i found your unicorn

Michelle, i found your unicorn

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