The light is most important thing in this painting. It is very much detaild and many lost edges.

By Victor Maya Kulenovic - (The light is most important thing in this painting. It is very much detailed and many lost edges.

Maya Kulenovic

Maya Kulenovic painting=by Maya Kulenovic=Maya Kulenovic is a Canadian artist and painter. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada. She has been exhibiting nationally and internationally since Born: March 1975 (age Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Grace by Maya Kulenovic

Grace, by Maya Kulenovic. Oil on canvas. Fabulous and unusual technique - must be seen 'live' to be fully appreciated. Now (August on show at Morren galeries, Amsterdam

"i look into the darker side of humanity because i cannot pretend that i don't see it - and the only way to cope with it is to understand it better." maya kulenovic

Maya Kulenovic Victor Maya Kulenovic is a Canadian artist, living in Toronto. She was born in 1975 in Sarajevo, S.

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“Bosnian Maya Kulenovic (Sarajevo expatriate 17 aged 'cause of Yugoslavian Civil War to Canada (Toronto). Dark close-up portraits.

Maya Kulenovic - Deep in Human Minds

Maya Kulenovic is a Canadian painter born in 1975 in Sarajevo. she graduated from 3 Art colleges, Istanbul

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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.

Maya Kulenovic

Maya Kulenovic

Maya Kulenovic

MAYA KULENOVIC Maya Kulenovic is an active, contemporary painter.