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Pokemon Lugia cute

“ 30 day pokemon challenge The version mascot of your favorite game nailed it ”

How to catch shiny pokemon

Pokemon X and Y shiny Pokemon hunting guide: Fun story, I was playing Pokemon Y and I was just running around in a field of lovely yellow flowers when suddenly a horde of Poliwag appeared. At first I was gonna run but then I realized that one of them was

lugia by nganlamsong on deviantART

lugia by nganlamsong on deviantART

Lugia (favorite Pokémon).  (Possible) Right thigh (face) piece.

30 Day Pokémon Challenge: Day Lugia is without question, my favorite legendary. It has a cool design, is a total beast in battle, and is the star of my number 1 favorite Pokémon movie.

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I have a theory!: What happens if that, in the game, every time your pokemon levels up, that is actually one year and you just aged a year! That's what this seems to portray. << Huh, good thought