Third Rock Fire Pit - Rick Wittrig $1548

Burning Earth Fire Pit: But I would have to add one thing, when the fire starts the song "We Didn't Start the Fire" would start playing.

Villa Geldrop, The Netherlands - Hofman Dujardin Architecten

Built by Hofman Dujardin Architects in Geldrop, The Netherlands with date Images by Matthijs van Roon Amsterdam. Hofman Dujardin Architects designed a large villa set in the Dutch countryside. It is no ordinary house, however.

Woodsman Axe Coffee Table - Chris Duffy  £495

"Woodsman Axe Coffee table" was designed by London designer Chris Duffy from Duffy London.

Takashi Yamaguchi Associates - House in Ise

takashi yamaguchi & associates: house in ise composed of two volumes, the design utilizes a set of vertical and horizontal voids to extend the sense of space while directly connecting the interior with the surrounding landscape.

18.36.54 House, Connecticut - Studio Daniel Libeskind

3 of Studio Daniel Libeskind Connecticut. A ramp from the entrance edges the dining area and gradually descends to the sitting room.

18.36.54 House, Connecticut - Studio Daniel Libeskind

House by Daniel Libeskind: The living space of this Connecticut residence is formed by a spiraling ribbon of 18 planes, defined by 36 points connected by 54 lines.

Restaurant Georges, Centre Georges Pompidou - Jakob + Macfarlane Architects

consisting of multiple, formless volumes, the project intorduces a new typology…

Solbrinken Ordinary House - In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur

This wood panelled house and studio in Nacka, Sweden, is by Swedish studio In Praise of Shadows. Called Solbrinken Ordinary House, the residence and studio buildings are separated by a gravel c…

Villa Bloemendaal, The Netherlands - Hofman Dujardin Architecten

hofman dujurdin engels: villa, bloemendaal, the netherlands: I still would like to see a structural plan

Reactiv Studio's Screening Room - LUX Interior Design

Reactiv Studio by LUX Design

Based in downtown Toronto, production agency and visual effect studio Reactiv Pictures asked LUX Design to create a new office space that goes from day to