Third Rock Fire Pit - Rick Wittrig $1548

Burning Earth Fire Pit: But I would have to add one thing, when the fire starts the song "We Didn't Start the Fire" would start playing.

Villa Geldrop, The Netherlands - Hofman Dujardin Architecten

Built by Hofman Dujardin Architects in Geldrop, The Netherlands with date Images by Matthijs van Roon Amsterdam. Hofman Dujardin Architects designed a large villa set in the Dutch countryside. It is no ordinary house, however.

Woodsman Axe Coffee Table - Chris Duffy  £495

"Woodsman Axe Coffee table" was designed by London designer Chris Duffy from Duffy London.

18.36.54 House, Connecticut - Studio Daniel Libeskind

3 of Studio Daniel Libeskind Connecticut. A ramp from the entrance edges the dining area and gradually descends to the sitting room.

Takashi Yamaguchi Associates - House in Ise

takashi yamaguchi & associates: house in ise composed of two volumes, the design utilizes a set of vertical and horizontal voids to extend the sense of space while directly connecting the interior with the surrounding landscape.

18.36.54 House, Connecticut - Studio Daniel Libeskind

House by Daniel Libeskind: The living space of this Connecticut residence is formed by a spiraling ribbon of 18 planes, defined by 36 points connected by 54 lines.

Restaurant Georges, Centre Georges Pompidou - Jakob + Macfarlane Architects

consisting of multiple, formless volumes, the project intorduces a new typology…

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