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Easy DIY with recycled pipe and a welder. I actually still have a swingset in my yard. I'd like to remove the swings, paint it, and make something like this!

Tree-Stump Planter -- if you're stuck with an ugly stump in your yard this is a cool idea.

Have some bare spots in your garden or yard? Click through to read Garden Glove's tips and top picks for groundcovers like creeping thyme and sedum angelina. You’ll have those bare spots covered with plush groundcovers in no time.

greenhouse made from old windows

greenhouse made from old windows

Seed Mat Wild Flower Mix - so pretty! Easiest way to create a border of wild flowers With the 'Wildflowers Mix' you can create a wild flower meadow in your garden.

How to cope with shade: cottage chic ~ beautiful backyard garden with small distressed dresser and table setting. Decor idea for my future tea house.

we have been trying to come up with an idea around the trees towards the end of our yard. "If you have a leveled yard and trees, try this awesome DIY project. People of all ages will enjoy this mini sun deck.

Creative gardening ideas inspire me. I love the way some people think outside the box and use their imagination to come up with garden decorations,.