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The Employee Experience Canvas – brightspot strategy – Medium

Why Employee Experience Design? We live in an experience economy where organizations in all sectors and of all sizes must do more than create products and deliver services.

Common Touchpoints in the Customer Experience

Customer touchpoints are the cornerstone of a successful journey map. Here's how to find your customers' touchpoints and create an experience that delights.

mckinsey 9 box matrix - Google-haku

The GE-McKinsey matrix is an important tool for managing a product portfolio. Strategic Management Insight shows you its value in making investment choices.

How To Attract High Performers

Many companies struggle with how to attract high performers. Here are 4 workplace attributes that will make high performers want to work for your company.

PERSONA GRID: a simple, quick way to start to summarize the information you are learning about the audience you’re addressing. The UX Blog podcast is also available on iTunes.

The Lean Brand Stack is a set of tools to startups iterate quickly, learn as much as they can, and build passionate relationships with their audience. The stack includes four tools for you to use for Lean Brand development: the Persona Grid, the Minimum V