Again a great combination of blue and yellow! William Morris Fabric

Collections feature William Morris, Bruce Talbert, Victorian and Arts & Crafts re-issued designs in eco-friendly printings.

Owl, John Henry Dearle, Morris and Co. Photograph real leaves, flowers, feathers against contrasting background. Lighting effect v important to create depth


Embroidered wall hanging 'The Owl' worked in silks on a background of silk damask, designed by John Henry Dearle, ca. and embroidered by Mrs Battye, ca. made by Morris & Co.

William Morris

William Morris Golden Lily wallpaper Autumnal colour palette, floral textures in this Morris wallpaper

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Tapetorama - Tapet 81155: Sweet Briar Green/Rust från William Morris & Co

William Morris & Co Compendium II Wallpapers Morris & Co Sweet Briar Wallpaper - Green/Blue/Rose - 210478