Make your own 'cleaning slime', which can be used to clean hard-to-reach spots of dust and crumbs, such as air vents and keyboards.

Awesome Cleaning Slime 1 tablespoons of white (Elmers) glue. Add about 1 spoon full of water. Then in another cup put 2 tablespoons of borax and 2 tablespoons of water. Pour the glue solution and the borax solution together and you get slime. Add so

Homemade plastic jellyfish

Funny pictures about Homemade plastic jellyfish. Oh, and cool pics about Homemade plastic jellyfish. Also, Homemade plastic jellyfish.

How to: Make Chalkboard Paint in ANY COLOR

Any color chalk board paint! I wanna paint each of my kids rooms in chalk board paint.

Paint your own ladybugs vs. tadpoles tic tac toe game.

Ladybugs Vs. Tadpoles Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game

Learn how to make an adorable ladybugs vs. tadpoles outdoor tic tac toe game using rocks, a wooden plank and weather-resistant Patio Paint…

DIY Rainbow Friendship Bracelets

If you have friendship bracelets down and want to take them to the next level or just add something to make them special- try this, DIY Rainbow Friendship Bracelet tutorial!- Tap the link now to see our super collection of accessories made just for you!

Polymer clay snails with Copper wire antennaes -Glass marble shells -Black seed bead eyes

Polymer clay snails with Copper wire antennaes -Glass marble shells -Black seed bead eyes - Fairy Gardens

Have been looking for instructions, on how to make a cone. I want to make cones for my daughters wedding to put rose petals in to throw, after the ceremony.

Make a Funnel or Cone from Paper

How to Make a Funnel or Cone from Paper. Paper cones are useful in a range of homemade crafts. Need a nose cone for your paper rocket or snowman? Want to make a party hat? Paper cones have a lot of potential variety, and they're.

wave bottle --a girl and a glue gun

wave bottle for kids

You can even add shells, glitter, or small items inside this easy-to-make wave bottle and watch them ride the waves!

Minecraft Inspired Key Chains / Key Rings perler beads by NinjaMonkeys

40 x Minecraft Inspired Keychains Perler Beads by NinjaMonkeys,can Mb use csrdstock &paint chip labels for bookmarks, collages, scrapbook, ect

Rainy day project for beans!

cool hand drawing for lesson on lines.also made me think of Gibson for your after school crafts, I think kids would think this is pretty cool!