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Inger Wedberg
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Women can wear menswear, and that's (more often) accepted, but people are still uncomfortable with men in dresses, and that's just ridiculous

Flatlocking is the new black! Learn how to re-create this professional-looking seam with these easy-to-follow instructions. Including fake-flatlock instructions.

Serger Pepper // Flatlocking made easy, using a domestic overlocker. Flatlock seams’ most noticeable quality is that they have almost no bulk. You can see them in stretch sportswear, where s. in the inside of the garment may hurt athlete’s skin.

13 Things Anyone Who Loves A Highly Sensitive Person Should Know | The Huffington Post

When I was in kindergarten, a boy in my class tossed my favorite book over our elementary school fence. I remember crying profusely, not because I was sa.