Badest VW EVER

Some rides which make you crave snow tracks for your car

prototype electric recumbent bike.  driven using a cordless screwdriver. Created by Jirka Wolff, Andreas Patsiaouras and Marcel Heise, a team of German student designers for the annual “Akkuschrauberrennen” competition.

Cool Electrical Recumbent Bike is Driven by Cordless Screwdriver

Rennholz Vehicle Concept :: Powered by Bosch (Cordless screwdriver) HPV (it has a motor.but cool concept.

Fietsen boor je leven @MeteomanTB watishettoch: Deze stimulerende middelen zijn wel gewoon toegestaan.... "”

Raymond Kerckhoffs on

if I saw this running down the road in my direction, my butt would be in the car with all windows up and doors locked! they're beautiful, but unpredictable, and I don't want to give the govt any reason to kill the bear, whose backyard the people are in.