Isa Maria Quiñones Canessa

Isa Maria Quiñones Canessa

Isa Maria Quiñones Canessa
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Watercolour : Stina Persson one of my favorite illustrator. Her use of natural watercolor bleeding and shapes here :)

Little Lies

Little Lies- Jenny Mörtsell

'Jade'. Giclée Konsttryck av Amanda Mendiant - Arte Limited

‘Jade’ Art Print by Amanda Mendiant

'Untitled XVII'. Giclée Konsttryck av Caroline Andrieu - Arte Limited

Fashion Illustration by Caroline Andrieu

'A Secret Shared'. Giclée Konsttryck av Jennifer Madden - Arte Limited

'A Secret Shared'. Giclée Art Print by Jennifer Madden - Arte Limited

'Black Stribes'. Giclée Konsttryck av Naja Conrad-Hansen - Arte Limited

'Black Stribes' by Naja Conrad-Hansen

'Fixer les vertiges'. Giclée Konsttryck av Sandrine Pagnoux - Arte Limited

Giclée Art Print by Sandrine Pagnoux


Wine and Cheese - catalog by Marguerite Sauvage, via Behance



String of Pearls

String of Pearls- Stina Persson