Herb Butter

Here's a classic low-carb side dish, the king of all spice butters. Eat with meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. Add a generous amount and enjoy!

Gyllene LCHF-müsli

A homemade granola is a great thing. Together with a full-fat Greek yogurt, you will quickly have a filling breakfast. Turmeric gives it a nice color and a boost!

Köttfärspaj med kesotäcke

Low-carb Meat Pie: Keep everyone happy with this satisfying, cheese-topped keto masterpiece. Serve lukewarm for peak flavor.

Minicrèpes med färskoströra

These small low-carb pancakes with salty condiments are perfect as an appetizer, snack or lunch. Here with a herb cream cheese topping.

Varm choklad

This hot chocolate drink is perfect for the colder months. I added a bit of liquid stevia and heavy cream.

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