Here's a little fun fact. When I was younger I took synchronized swimming lessons with two friends. It was fantastic and I still practice whenever I go swimming. :) *We never took formal lessons, but we made up some routines.

black and white art

photography drawing Illustration art Black and White white face painting vintage sixties black mirror portrait Equality woman eyelashes contrast seventies body paint anti racism white face face painting black face Against Racism

'Echelle' neon, 2000 by artist Ron Haselden

'Echelle' neon, 2000 by artist Ron Haselden. Originally commissioned for the Salisbury Festival. A pink, neon stairway to Heaven.

Circus performer, ca. 1910.

Circus Performer Not really a corset per se, but there's probably one under that costume. or old school image manipulation.

ernesto neto is considered one of the absolute leaders of brazil’s contemporary art scene.

Ernesto Neto works with abstract installations which often take up the entire exhibition space. His materials are gossamer-thin, light, stretchable fabrics in nylon or cotton. Like fine membranes f… Bauhaus costume

Oskar Schlemmer costume for the Triadic Ballet. As with other Triadic Ballet costumes, a spiral pattern is a key focus, and planetary-like circular forms.


i dressed as a harlequin clown through most of my childhood on halloween, my costume was not this good. picture taken in 1903

Yoko 3, Emilie Halpern, 2010.

frenchtwist: “Yoko 3 by Emilie Halpern, Beautiful portrait. I’ll never understand people who think Ono is ugly–she is one of the most striking people I’ve ever seen.