isak lindberg

isak lindberg

Sweden / Director of Photography
isak lindberg
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Here we are basically we’re outside. I think it’s, what, two o’clock in the afternoon, so fairly bright day. All I’m using is my, I’ve got a Nikon with a 70 to

Sicario (2015), d. Denis Villeneuve, d.p. Roger Deakins

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Love the cinematography. Nice grade & frame for daylight in shot Like the murky but slightly warm daylight in shots 4 Like the frame in shot with the wall taking alot of space on the left. Lighting great in shot [Red Riding 1974 DoP: Rob Hardy]

Les Visages d'un café parisien by Andrew C. Kovalev | Shot in a studio installed in the A.Picolo cafe, Paris

This is a personal portrait series of patrons to A.Picolo, a small Parisian cafe located at the border of Marche aux Puces de Sant-Ouen, one of the largest and oldest flea markets in the world.